brain health

Stimulating Your Brain

When stimulating your brain, mental activities provide the most powerful benefits, reducing dementia risks by up to 23%. Using your brain strengthens your thinking skills and slows down cognitive decline.   Your brain is also dependent on your diet for proper functioning. Selected foods keep your mind clear and sharp, and vitamins are great contributors …

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lollipops and candy.

Preventing a Candy Hangover

Did you know candy hangovers were a real thing? These hangover feelings normally present a few hours after an abnormal amount of candy is consumed. Symptoms may include fatigue, generally feeling unwell, and headaches.   Learn more about sugar Excess sugar is easier to resist when you stay up to date on all its toxic …

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Sources of Fatty Acids

A western-style diet barely contains any fatty acids. For example, the acids in canned and instant foods are leached out by the hydrogenation process, which gives a long shelf life to these products.   Getting your fatty acids through fresh, unprocessed foods will give you the full benefits.   Fatty acids can be found in …

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Bedtime Rituals For Your Body

Consistent, predictable bedtime rituals are important before going to bed every night. This will help your body to relax, unwind and prepare for rest. If you need some help implementing a bedtime ritual that works, continue reading for some tips below.   Turn down the lights Exposure to light causes your body to produce hormones …

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bedtime rituals for your mind.

Bedtime Rituals For Your Mind

Having a great bedtime ritual will set you up for a smoother morning and a more productive day. There’s also a reduced chance of going through your day feeling all groggy.   If you’re having a hard time resting and falling asleep, try these tips to make the transition to rest easier every night.   …

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