benefits of zinc

The Benefits of Zinc

Adding more zinc to your diet with the right food or supplements can have a number of beneficial effects on your health.

breathe better air with indoor plants

The Simplest Way To Breathe Better Air

Want to breathe better air? Indoor plants remove toxins from the air – including cancerous compounds and gasoline fumes.

junk food ruins quality sleep

Junk Food Messes With Sleep

Even if you sleep the exact same number of hours, eating junk food during the day can affect the QUALITY of your sleep—making sleep more shallow and less restorative.

benefits of dry sauna

The Benefit of Dry Sauna

Experience the health benefits of dry sauna either as aerobic exercise or a compounded effect post exercise.

chicken, egg and meat alternatives

A Review Of Meat Alternatives

What is the deal with lab grown meat? Are you ready to consume chicken that is made in a lab rather than coming from an animal?

why am i so tired, dog tired

Why Am I So Tired?

Struggling with fatigue? Already been to see your primary care doctor and ruled out the most common medical causes? Time to look at 10 lesser-known causes of fatigue we address as functional medicine practitioners.

glutamine benefits

The Benefits of Glutamine

We require glutamine when injured or ill, but there are some other incredible health benefits to adding glutamine to your diet.