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Dr Erin Ellis, Natural Doctor

Root Cause Medicine

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  I specialize in hormones, adrenal and thyroid conditions which all play a role and connect with each other.  Are you also annoyed with the scale and doing all the things and still not losing weight? I can help!  Let's get your blood tested.

blood draw for health

Comprehensive Lab Work

Your blood doesn't lie.  When was the last time you had your blood drawn? If it's been over a year, you are way overdue.  I offer speciality testing for sex hormones, thyroid function, adrenal function, gut health, food sensitivity, and general wellness labs including blood sugar, cholesterol, inflammation and essential vitamins.

Dr Erin Ellis, Naturopathic Physician

Customized Treatment Protocol

Comprehensive treatment protocols tailored to your body's specific needs depending on your lab results.  Treatment protocols include dietary, supplement and if indicated and necessary, prescription medication.


Intramuscular injections bypass your digestive system with faster absorption!

The best tool I have in my toolbox for helping you feel better faster!  IV therapy is readily absorbed, meaning your body doesn't have to break down the vitamins and you can get 100 fold the amount of vitamins in ONE IV than you can take orally!

Need your yearly pap?  I got your covered.  Can also do STD testing and IUD removal.

Balance your hormones and reduce period pain, improve your mood, help lose weight and regain your energy so you can do all the things on your to do list!

Acupuncture & Cupping

Acupuncture is great for pain, anxiety and prolonged menses in woman.

Cupping is helpful for sore muscles, pain and tension.