What Are People Saying About Hope Natural Health?

If you’re looking for a naturopath with exceptional service, expertise in women’s health, proven results and dozens of 5-star reviews from clients across Gilbert and Phoenix’s East Valley, the search is over! Here are just a few of our great reviews:

Dr Erin Ellis - Naturopath


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Melissa Leon
17 January 2024
Dr Ellis is wonderful! I found answers with her no one else found. Highly recommend
Linda Anderson
22 November 2023
Dr. Erin and Jenna are a joy to work with. They are both knowledgeable and happy to share information with you. Dr Erin reviews your labs with a fine tooth comb and wants you to feel your absolute best. She wants you at optimal health not just within a range. She explains thoroughly what each number means and where it should be and where you are. Then she helps you get feeling your best Jenna gives IVs and shots for your best health. It’s like we are two old friends catching up and before you know it you’re done. No pain but lots of gain. She is always professional and just gets it right every time. They are a dream team and fantastic to work with.
Nate Guthro
14 September 2023
Jenna has been so amazing helping me prep for abdominal surgery and helping me recover afterwards. She has been extremely caring checking in on me every few days to see how my recovery is going. She has always been available when I needed pain relief, an immune boost for healing, or just a refreshing smile to chat with.
renee bauer
30 August 2023
Erin is compassionate, knowledgeable and a true professional. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their health.
Kathy Morvan
29 June 2023
Jenna is THE BEST!!! Her energy is contagious and her smile is a burst of ☀️Sunshine☀️, she treats all her clients as friends and truly cares about your health and well being. She is very knowledgeable and is sensitive to your needs. I highly recommend Jenna, you won’t be disappointed! 😁👍🏼👍🏼
Janet Turk
21 April 2023
Dr. Erin has truly been a gift to my health! She has regulated my thyroid, Vitamin D levels and hormones. She was/is persistent with the treatments using vitamins, shots and IVs to achieve my best health! As a result, I sleep and focus better than I have in years! In addition, Dr. Erin's podcasts, blogs and email blasts keep me informed! I can not express enough gratitude for Dr. Erin's expertise, care and compassion!
18 February 2023
I first came to know about Hope Natural Health at one of the farmers markets… It has evolved from B12 shots to IV’s… Jenna did a mobile visit yesterday to give my teen daughter a BE WELL IV. She was so kind, knowledgeable, caring, and hilarious! Just what my sick girl needed. I am seeing her as well for an IV to help prepare me for a race coming up. I would HIGHLY recommend Jenna and Dr.Ellis for whatever your needs are. I’m sure our relationship will continue to evolve into many other treatments. They genuinely care about your health. Not just a bandaid. See them and you will be happy!
A Jess
26 January 2023
Nurse Jenna has been a blessing for our family. She is mobile and has an office that is very convenient in any situation. Jenna is heartfelt and very welcoming. Her positive energy makes your IV experience so much better. Thank you Jenna, because of your amazing nursing skills, you make it so much more comforting for a hard stick like me!
Giselle Arnold
24 January 2023
I have Jenna visit me monthly for IV therapy and I am obsessed. I have tried all the different mobile IV’s and the Performance Mobile IV is my favorite! I go from feeling dehydrated to full of life in 1-1.5 hours. Not to mention, Jenna is a great stick! My veins are on the smaller size, but that does not phase Jenna. She always gets it on the first try and I hardly feel it. I’ll be a regular customer for the foreseeable future!
Colleen Wiegert
20 January 2023
Jenna keeps me full of energy with the B 12 vitamin and amino acid shots. Her vitamin filled IV’s helped me get over the flu and back to work really fast. Great to use for preventing any illness too and also they are really awesome for extra energy at the gym with added glutathione and NAD! And they are in office or she can come to your house for more convenience especially if you’re not feeling well.