Dr. Erin Ellis, ND

Naturopathic doctor in Gilbert AZ, Dr. Erin Ellis helps women fix crappy periods, hormone imbalances or addressing why you are constantly running on empty.


Dr. Ellis grew up an Army brat--a daughter of a now retired Colonel in the U.S. Army.  Although an Arizona native, she grew up outside of Washington D.C. and spent most of her younger years living in Virginia and Missouri.


In 1992, she was finally able to call Arizona her home where she attended high school and received her Bachelor’s degree in business from Arizona State University.


Dr. Ellis's pre-doctor work life consisted of restaurant management, bartending and serving for nearly 20 years, but life quickly changed in her early 30s.


In 2010 Dr. Ellis was diagnosed with a rare form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 31.  She never thought in a million years she would have been diagnosed with cancer at such a young age, but it was the turning point in her life.  To say she was scared was an understatement, but it honestly was the defining moment in her life.  Dr. Ellis always wanted to be a doctor, but gave up on those dreams because she was sick of being in school, and instead, worked in the bar and restaurants, but always knew she could do and be more.  After 6 rounds of chemotherapy, a positive attitude with a side of determination and sass, she became a survivor.


Receiving this diagnosis and kicking its butt gave her the drive, the motivation and determination to get out of her own way and become that doctor that she always wanted to be.  Not only did it give her her defining purpose in life, but she learned a lot about herself and really how strong she truly was.  Having had a cancer diagnosis at such a young age, Dr. Ellis's mission and passion now is to empower those to take control of their health now before it is too late.  This diagnosis proved to her that life is too short to feel sub-optimal and given the right tools, your body has the innate ability to heal itself.


After graduation from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2017, Dr. Ellis worked at a naturopathic urgent care in N. Scottsdale seeing medical cases ranging from acute to chronic and seen in pediatrics to geriatrics.  After 2.5 years, she decided to branch out on my own and spread the modalities of Naturopathic Medicine to the East Valley in January 2020 where Hope Natural Health was founded.


Dr. Ellis has found her passion helping women fix crappy periods, helping with hormone imbalances or addressing why you are constantly running on empty by getting to the root cause so you can be your best version.


When she is not empowering others to become the best versions of themselves, Dr. Ellis spends her time helping my community,  with her dogs Heidi and Diesel, enjoying game nights with family and friends and making new memories with her Fireman.