STOP Hoarding TP….BALANCE Your Immune System Instead.

What's with the TP hoarding?


I have yet to understand WHY there is a shortage of toilet paper.  This virus does NOT cause crazy amounts of bowel movements, nor does toilet paper kill viruses.  Anywho....


As a Naturopathic Physician, I took an oath to abide by 6 principles, one being "Docere" which means to teach.  Hopefully after reading this I can teach you to focus your energy on your immune system and NOT figuring out who has toilet paper in stock.


Balancing your immune system is the BEST DEFENSE to reduce the risk of acquiring ANY illness and here are options I am offering you to strengthen your immune system!


By no means are these guaranteed to treat, cure or prevent COVID-19, however, they have been heavily researched as being beneficial for any immune system.


Immune Balancing Shot (Engystol + B12 + Lysine)


  • Engystol is a homeopathic anti-viral immunostimulator made by HEEL.
  • Engystol stimulates the non-specific and specific immune system, thereby, stimulating your immune system as a whole.
  • Safe for pregnant women, nursing moms and entire family
  • No known side effects, contraindications or interactions
  • Engystol has been used for more than 60 years.
  • Increases phagocytic (removes pathogens) activity (1)
  • Activates natural killer cells (2)
  • Eliminates viral infected cells and tumor cells (3,4)


  • Plays an active role in immune system regulation and acts as an immunomodulator for cellular immunity (5)


  • An essential amino acid used as an anti-viral, but also known to reduce anxiety and cortisol levels (6)

Get the Immune Balancing Shot

Immune Balancing Supplements

I have supplies of Vitamin C, Elderberry, Daily Immune Support that can be purchased as singles or bundled together for ultimate immune support (just like TP, immune system support is hard to come by!)  These can be purchased to not only balance your immune system now but help you if you get sick now or in the future!


Send an email  if you are interested in supplements.


Immune Balancing IV ($125)

Want a dose of extra vitamin C, Lysine, B-Vitamins plus some fluids to keep you hydrated? Then this option is for you!
  • Immune Balancing IV: $125
  • Book HERE


The best way to reduce the risk is to minimize spreading of this virus. You may not have symptoms, your family may not have symptoms but you may be a carrier and spread this disease to a person who is susceptible.  Be kind, be smart, be aware.  I'm sure you are sick of hearing about washing your hands, but there really is no better way to stop the spread.  If you can't wash your hands, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.  Don't have either of those options, be sure to NOT touch your eyes, nose or mouth and be mindful of what you are touching around you. If you suspect you might have COVID-19, please call your physician before leaving the house.


I am taking every appropriate measure within my office to stop the spread by cleaning my surfaces/electronics, medical equipment and common surfaces/areas.  If you wish to have a consultation at home, telemedicine consultations via my HIPAA compliant electronic health record system are available.  


In conclusion, this virus has caused and will likely continue to cause a lot of panic, anxiety and stress.  I am here for you however I can support you and encourage you to remain calm as we need to keep you as healthy as possible.  Be well friends, but most importantly be kind.  And please save the toilet paper for those that may actually need it.


If you are interested click here for a guided meditation to reduce your anxiety around this virus.

~Dr. E



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