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4 Month Total Hormone Result Program: Dr. Ellis’ all-inclusive 4 month hormone reset protocol. Click HERE to purchase and find out more information.

New Patient Consult ($325/60 min): if you are a new patient wanting to see Dr. Ellis in person, please select this appointment. If you would like a telemedicine consult, please book New Patient Consult-Telemedicine and Dr. Ellis will consult with you via Zoom.

Follow-Up Lab Review ($225/45 min): if you are a patient who has seen Dr. Ellis for your initial intake, please book this appointment once you have been notified that Dr. Ellis has received your lab results. You may also book a Follow-Up Lab Review-Telemedicine if you would rather have your lab review via Zoom. *Brief 30 and 15 Min Follow-Ups Available too for continued lab comparisons, protocol updates (30 min/ $175, 15 min/ $85).

Well Woman’s Exam ($150): need your yearly well-woman’s exam? Dr. Ellis can do the full exam and pap smear. STD testing also available. IUD removal also available. You do not need to be an established patient of Dr. Ellis’ to have a well-woman’s exam.

Acupuncture/Cupping ($75/30 min): this ancient Chinese therapy is beneficial for pain, anxiety and prolonged menses in women (among many other health issues).

Complimentary Discovery Call (15 Min): Dr. Ellis will call you at your scheduled appointment time and you will get a chance to “meet” each other, have any questions you might have regarding fees or office visit and understand how Dr. Ellis can help you achieve your health goals.

B12 Shot ($20): an IM (intramuscular) shot of methylcobalamin for increased energy and mental clarity. If you’d like to add some fat burning amino acids to it, book the Fat Burner Shot instead (it comes with B12)-$25! Or….make it a Super Fat Burner (w/ added Carnitine)-$30. *PACKAGES AVAILABLE!

be well, be lean or be hydrated IV’s: you do not need to be an established patient of Dr. Ellis’ to schedule an IV! N

Book this πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ SUMMER IV Special!

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**Your credit card will also NOT be charged at time of booking and will only be charged after your appointment. If you would like to pay with any other means for your appointment (cash, etc.) that is also accepted. Credit cards can also be changed at appointment. Unfortunately all appointment types need a credit card entered (even 15 min discovery calls. If you are uncomfortable with this, please call the office and we will schedule you manually.**

**Dr. Ellis is booking out 2+ weeks in advance! She does get cancellations though so please add yourself to the waiting list for the days you are available.**