Is the Coronavirus Stressing You Out?

I hope that by after reading this I can calm you down (if you are worried!)  Here are some interesting statistics about this virus, which in actuality has been around for years--it's just that it mutated into a new strain we have never seen before...hence why this "mass hysteria" is beginning...


*As of earlier this month, reported by JAMA


72,314 case RECORDS
Of that 72,314 case records, only 44,672 were CONFIRMED cases of COVID-19 (62%)


Of those cases 44,762 cases:

  • 3% were over age 80
  • 87% were between ages 30-79
  • 8% were between ages 20-29
  • 1% were between the ages 10-19
  • 1% were less than 10 years old

The severity of the virus:

  • 81% were MILD symptoms
  • 14% were SEVERE symptoms
  • 5% were CRITICAL symptoms

The overall fatality rate is ~2.3% (1023 deaths among the 44,672 confirmed cases):

  • 14.8% fatality in those over 80
  • 8% fatality ages 70-79
  • 3.6% fatality ages 60-69
  • 1.3% ages 50-59
  • 0.4% ages 40-49
  • 0.2% ages 10-39
  • NO DEATH reported among children 9 and younger.

coronavirus fears


Here are some answers to questions I found interesting while researching this post:


How long can the coronavirus last on a surface?  
The answer is not really known, however, most other coronavirus strains can last up to a week on surfaces.  The researchers also found that by using household disinfectants (62-71% ethanol, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% bleach) can inactivate the virus within minutes. however, it's not entirely clear if this new coronavirus is similar.


How can you contract the virus?
The CDC reports the virus is likely spread through close contact  (within about 6 feet) and respiratory droplets from coughs and sneezes that then can land on a person's mouth or nose.


Can a mask protect you from this virus?
A regular surgical mask will NOT protect you as they are not designed to lock out viral particles.


How do you protect yourself? 
I would legit focus on TWO things.
1. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
2.  Wash your paws.  Often.  For at least 20 seconds with soap and water.  If you don't have soap and water available, use alcohol-based (at least 60%) hand sanitizer or if you use essential oils, OnGuard by doTerra.


Other ways you can protect yourself?

  • Avoid close contact with those who are sick.
  • If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with your elbow.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Eat right.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Move your body.
  • Boost your immune system. You can buy Dr. E approved immune boosting supplements HERE.

I am really interested in how this will play out, but in my opinion if it matters....I'm not worried.

Stay healthy friends...
~Dr. E
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