Love Your Liver

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Today is the day of love, right? So let's make sure we are loving our liver. I tell my patients to think of their liver like a pool filter. It literally filters EVERYTHING we put into our body and as we age, are stressed, take medications, are exposed to toxins and pesticides, continuously around 5G we need to make sure we are loving on our liver a little more (in addition to all our organs)!


How can we do this?


I LOVE a little glutathione! Glutathione is our body's most abundant anti-oxidant and is needed for liver detox and although it's produced naturally, we often do not have enough to keep up with all that we are exposed to! Here are some other benefits of glutathione:


  • Glutathione increases antioxidant production
  • Glutathione increases immune response
  • Glutathione decreases oxidant-induced damage
  • Glutathione decreases ear congestion, stuff nose and nasal obstruction
  • Glutathione improves lung function (improves breathing, etc.)

For the rest of February I'm having a "Love Your Liver" IV special for $125 which includes glutathione, n-acetylcysteine in addition to a B-vitamin push! You can drip this in less than an hour and give your liver what it needs to HELP you heal yourself.


love your liver iv special with Hope Natural Health


Don't miss out on this special--your liver will thank you! Click HERE to schedule!


Have a fun, safe and healthy Valentine's Day!

--Dr. E