yogurt boosts energy

Boost Your Energy Level By Eating More Yogurt

Eating yogurt is an excellent way to boost your energy level to keep up with your busy schedule. Yogurt really is a high-energy food, plus there are many delicious ways to include more servings of yogurt in your diet.


How to Use Yogurt to Boost Your Energy Level:


Improve your tyrosine levels

One key reason why yogurt gives you energy is because it contains the amino acid tyrosine, which converts into the chemicals dopamine and adrenaline to give your body a pleasantly stimulated feeling. Tyrosine will wake you up much like coffee without the jittery sensations and insomnia that caffeine can cause.


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Get complete protein

Yogurt is an excellent source of high-quality protein. Just one 8-ounce serving of plain yogurt will give you about 20 percent of your Daily Value for protein. This enables your body to make its own proteins to maintain your muscles and organs.


Enjoy a rich source of calcium

Calcium is an essential nutrient for bone health. An 8-ounce serving of yogurt provides about 30% of your Daily Value for calcium. For women who limit their consumption of other dairy products, yogurt is an excellent way to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, that way fragile bones won't interfere with an energetic and active lifestyle.


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Benefit from friendly bacteria

You've probably heard of probiotics - friendly bacteria that can help you stay healthy and protect you from many diseases. The FDA requires that yogurt contain specific bacteria. For even better protection, look for the "Live & Active Culture Seal" indicating that the yogurt contains at least 100 million bacteria per gram at the time of production.


Keep your colon healthy

Instead of buying expensive colon cleansers whose benefits haven't been fully proven, you can keep your intestines healthy by eating yogurt. The lactobacteria, especially acidophilus, encourage the growth of friendly bacteria and help lower the risk of colon cancer.


Manage lactose intolerance

More than one-quarter of American adults have trouble digesting most dairy products. It's hard to feel energetic if you're suffering from symptoms like cramping, bloating, and diarrhea. The live and active cultures in yogurt make it easier to digest than milk so you can get the nutrients you need without intestinal upset.


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Get relief from yeast infections

For many women, the best thing about yogurt is its ability to fight yeast infections. Because it contains acidophilus, yogurt has been shown to decrease yeast growth in some women. If you suffer from yeast infections, yogurt can help you get your energy back.