Quarantine Day 567

What day of quarantine is it for you?  Just like I have no clue what day it is I also feel like we have had this "stay at home" order for what seems like a lifetime.


Feeling stressed?  Today I want to remind you that we will get through this.


I wanted to share with you some tips to stay relaxed during this time of uncertainty:



An easy, natural, yet incredibly powerful method of reducing stress is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other and increasing your day-to-day physical activity levels.  For those of us who spend a good amount of our time sitting behind a desk, getting in some exercise isn't always something we make time for, but it's an important component in resetting your mind and body, which will ultimately help you minimize stress levels.


Limit Incoming noise:

Access to the internet has brought a lot into our world: convenience, social networking, the ability to work from just about anywhere....but with it comes an extraordinary amount of stress.  It's important to focus on your own personal down-time every day, even if it's just an extra hour away from the chaos of your business life.  Set a time each day for digital detox to limit incoming noise.  Try to take some time to sit in silence and recharge.  My personal favorite is starting and ending the day like this.



Another natural way to reduce stress is to make sure that you get enough, but not too much, sleep.  When we don't rest enough, our body can tense up and it leads to irritability and depression.  And when we are irritable or depressed, we're stressed.  On the other hand, that doesn't mean you should sleep for an incredibly long amount of time.  Getting the perfect nights sleep is an easy and natural way to keep stress at bay!  I recommend a MINIMUM of 7 hours (I prefer 9!).


Reduce caffeine: 

Reducing your caffeine intake, whether it be in the form of coffee or other highly caffeinated beverages, is a natural way to reduce and relieve stress (and your adrenals will thank you!)  Just as many of us need caffeine to function after waking up, too much can make us jittery and scatterbrained.  Try replacing your coffee with matcha or green tea for a healthier choice.


Put yourself first

So many of us are afraid to say "no" when people reach out for help, advice, support and by not considering whether saying "yes" is good for us, it can easily lead to incredibly high stress levels. 


Above all else, be selective with your overall workload and what favors you do for people.  Prioritize what household chores need to be done, what bills must be paid right away and know when to say "no."  It's important to "put your own oxygen mask on first."  Make a commitment to be better at saying "no" and putting yourself first.


I hope these tips were helpful for you during this time of uncertainty.  Just know you are not alone.  I am here for you.


you got this encouragement


~Dr. E


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