naturopathic health team

My Team Grew Again!

My team grew.....AGAIN!! Please welcome Megan, my new right hand gal and registered nurse! I asked Megan a few questions so you could get to know her better!



👉🏻Where are you from?
My husband, 1 year old son and I moved to Arizona from Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!) about a year ago to escape the long winters for sunshine year round and the more active "outdoorsy" lifestyle that comes with it.


👉🏻Why did you choose a profession in the medical field?
I chose to become a nurse because it just seemed to fit who I am. I am a natural nurturer and love all people. I'm an optimistic, detailed oriented person and those two things suit me well as a nurse. I never really considered any other profession.


👉🏻What do you like to do for fun?
My fun usually involves my son, Benny. We go for runs everyday and stop at parks we find along the way. We love dancing to music in our living room and reading books. My husband and I love trying new coffee spots on the weekends and going for challenging hikes. We also like to go for car rides and appreciate the pretty AZ views and sunsets. Of course when I do have a day to myself, I enjoy all the girly things like: shopping, sun bathing, pedicures, and lunch out with friends.


She has been such an asset to my team, along with Alaa, my student intern, that I would not be in the position that I am today (and probably missing half the hair on my head) if it weren't for these two! Please help me give Megan a BIG welcome!!