halloween treats and pumpkins.

Indulge In A Hauntingly Delightful Halloween!


Treats that aren’t candy!

Here are some fun and healthy Halloween treats—perfect for parties, kids’ lunches, or snacking on trick-or-treat night.


🫑 Witch’s Fingers

Cut small rectangles out of a green bell pepper and wedge them into the end of cheese sticks to look like witch’s fingernails. Carve a few lines on the cheese to look like finger joints.


🍊 Clementine “Pumpkins”

Just peel some clementine oranges and stick a small piece of celery in the top to look like a pumpkin stem.


🥣 Pumpkin Hummus

Blend up some pumpkin with chickpeas, olive oil, and spices (try cumin, paprika, or cayenne to taste).


🍕 Mummy Mini Pizzas

Take your favorite bagels or gluten-free English muffins and build mini pizzas to look like mummies, with black olives as the eyes.


Enjoy your Halloween! 


(and don’t feel bad if you snag a piece of candy or two!)