Flu Shot Day 6: Natural Ways To Prevent The Flu

Still on the fence about getting the flu vaccine?  That’s OK—I won’t judge you, but I hope I have provided you with the information you need to make the decision for yourself.  Today I’ll discuss MORE ways to keep yourself healthy this fall/winter.  

ways to prevent flu germs


Wash Your Hands!!

The best way to prevent disease is to WASH YOUR HANDS.  Do you realize how many germs are on your hand?  You should sing “Happy Birthday” in your head while you scrub those paws….a good 20 seconds.


Get Plenty of Sleep!!

2 days ago I stressed that most disease process begins with an inbalances within.  Your body needs enough rest to restore and rejuvenate.  I recommend at least 6-8 hours per night, especially during the upcoming months.



The weather is finally nice enough to get outdoors.  Spend 20-30 minutes a day outdoors—sweat!  Your skin is your biggest organ and your best detoxifier.  



I can’t stress this one enough.  Stay away from the sweets, processed foods and junk these winter months.  Your immune system will thank you.  These foods can trigger inflammation which weaken your body’s infection-fighting white blood cells.



Stay hydrated.  Water can break up congestion and starve off infections.  If you do get the flu, it’s easy to get dehydrated so keep yourself hydrated with bone broth, ginger tea, herbal tea and 100% juices (without added sugars).


Who is going to spend time this weekend disinfecting their belongings, work station and home?  Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post for a bonus you don’t want to miss.