Flu Shot Day 2: What’s Ingredients Are In The Flu Shot?

Did you see my post from yesterday? If not, go check it out. It gives the background on the flu vaccine and what influenza viruses are found IN the vaccine (if you should chose to get it this year…which I hope you change your mind after this week-long educational series!).


Today I’d like to dive deeper into the rest of what’s in the flu shot. When I gave a presentation last week about the flu vaccine mind’s were blown about the “other” ingredients. Maybe your mind will be blown too…

whats in a flu shot


Thimerosal (aka Mercury)

There are plenty of studies out there showing that mercury at ANY level is toxic to humans, but did you know that there is 25,000ppb (25mcg) of mercury being injected into you with each flu shot?? 2ppb is the limit for drinking water!! In 2001, the EPA concluded that pregnant woman could consume 0.1mcg of mercury per kg of body weight daily without any ill effects to fetus. So for a 140 pound person that’s 6.5mcg of mercury….the shot has 25mcg.



The EPA has classified this as a carcinogen and there are several studies that it has been linked to certain types of cancer.



Although a tiny amount is found in the vaccine, but there has been evidence that aluminum can contribute to brain and bone disease.



Used as a preservative and stabilizer in the vaccine. MSG has always had a bad rep. Enough said.


Egg Protien

Most flu vaccines nowadays are produced using egg-based technology which requires the CVV (candidate vaccine virus) to be grown in chicken eggs and then incubated for several days to a slow the viruses to replicate. Then, the virus is inactivated (killed) and the virus antigen is purified. So, if you have an egg allergy is the vaccine OK? Jury is out, but CDC claims you are OK.


Need more information? The CDC.gov has everything you need to know about what you are injecting into your body and/or your child. The CDC is also recommending TWO doses of the flu vaccine for children 6 months -8 years old this year. Ay yi yi.


Stay tuned tomorrow for the differences between a cold and a flu and a shocking statistic.