managing chronic pain

Ways to Stay Upbeat When You Have Chronic Pain

Living with chronic pain affects your emotions as well as your body. Prolonged discomfort can make you feel sad and irritable, and those feelings can make the pain worse. Breaking the cycle is challenging, but it will enhance your quality of life.


Your daily choices can help you manage your symptoms and feel more joyful. Try these tips for keeping your spirits up.


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Chronic Pain


Choosing the Way You Think:


Adjust your expectations

Are you trying to do too much? Accepting your condition is the first step in adapting to your current abilities, so you can avoid becoming overwhelmed and fatigued.


Let go of judgments

It’s natural to grieve when you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition. However, the sooner you stop blaming yourself or resenting others, the faster you can move on.


Resist comparisons

Maximize your own potential, instead of trying to measure up to others. Focus on your strengths and give yourself credit for making an effort.


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Pain Relief


Cultivate gratitude

Being thankful is even more important when you're going through a difficult time. Appreciate small pleasures and reflect on how overcoming hardships may help you to grow.


Build your confidence

You are still capable of accomplishing great things and leading a meaningful life. Set new goals that will motivate you to strive for success.