Salt vs Sugar - which is worse for your health?

The Sugar vs Salt Debate

You may have heard the debates about sugar and salt. Which one is worse for your body? Which is more important to avoid?


The key is moderation for both of these, but research shows that sugar may be slightly worse than salt.

salt vs sugar for your health.

Why you crave sugar and salt

Many people find it hard to stop eating sugary or salty food. Salty pretzels and chips or sugary soda and candy can be hard to avoid. They’re both tempting and delicious, but they can wreak havoc with your diet.


donuts and sugary candy.

Why sugar is dangerous

An excess amount of sugar increases the risk of obesity. It’s also tied to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health issues.


Why salt is dangerous

Too much salt is usually associated with the risk of high blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too high, the risk of heart attacks and strokes increases significantly.


Some experts believe that sugar is more dangerous because it can cause more health issues and leads to more serious long-term health concerns.


Look for hidden sources of sugar and salt

You probably don’t add extra sugar to your food all the time. The same thing may be true for salt. However, you may be getting both of them from hidden sources. It’s a good idea to practice reading your food labels. Salt and sugar often are hidden under different names as well so if you’re unsure, make a habit of researching what your food contains.


Limiting your sugar and salt intake is essential for your health. However, eating too much sugar may hurt you even more than having too much salt. If you’re worried about negative health effects from the amount of sugar and salt you consume, consult your doctor and do your research to determine safe amounts.