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Strategies to Keep Your Mind Healthy

The brain is just like any other part of your body, it needs to be looked after and exercised in order to keep it fit and functioning effectively. Maintaining a healthy brain can safeguard against cognitive decline and disease.

Keep your mind healthy, active, and in shape with these strategies:


Exercise regularly. 

Roughly 30% of your brain’s volume is composed of blood vessels. It’s important to keep your blood moving! Exercise will get your blood flowing and help to control your blood sugar. High blood sugar is harmful to blood vessels. That’s why so many diabetics die of heart disease or stroke at a relatively young age.


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Read each day.

Reading requires a lot of your brain. It’s not easy to transform symbols into words and meaning. Spend some time each day with a book that makes you think. You might learn something useful, too.


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Eat well.

A healthy diet will help preserve your brain function. Do a little research on the best diet for longevity and attempt to make a few changes to your eating habits. A few, small changes each month will go a long way toward keeping your brain healthy.


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Meditation is powerful for several reasons. You’ll learn to focus like a Tibetan monk. You’ll also learn how to relax. Both are wonderful for your brain. Meditation is hard work. It’s like a decathlon for your mind.


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