brain health

Stimulating Your Brain

When stimulating your brain, mental activities provide the most powerful benefits, reducing dementia risks by up to 23%. Using your brain strengthens your thinking skills and slows down cognitive decline.

Your brain is also dependent on your diet for proper functioning. Selected foods keep your mind clear and sharp, and vitamins are great contributors to mental clarity.

Maintaining proper nutrition means ensuring that you eat consistently, and stick to a standard routine for having meals.


writing in a journal.

Try these activities for brain health.


Read books

Set a goal for how many pages you’ll read each day. Enjoy your favorite subjects and explore new genres. Keep reading materials at home and in your car.


listening to music with headphones.


 Listen to music

Create playlists for your morning run and household chores. Attend concerts in local parks or on your radio. Resume your old piano lessons or buy a ukulele.


reading a book in nature.


Write for pleasure

Set aside time in the morning or before bed for journaling. Start small with just 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Imagine you’re talking with yourself or a close friend.


Make art

Express your creativity. Focus on projects that interest you. If you're on a low budget, try paper crafts or macrame.