lollipops and candy.

Preventing a Candy Hangover

Did you know candy hangovers were a real thing? These hangover feelings normally present a few hours after an abnormal amount of candy is consumed. Symptoms may include fatigue, generally feeling unwell, and headaches.


Learn more about sugar

Excess sugar is easier to resist when you stay up to date on all its toxic effects, including links to premature ageing, obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions.


Manage stress

The dopamine in sugar makes us feel good, but there are more constructive ways to deal with romantic breakups or job pressures. Call a friend or meditate each day.


Satisfy your sweet tooth

If it’s the taste of candy that attracts you, find substitutes you’ll like just as much. Treat yourself to exotic fruits or a little brown sugar on your oatmeal.

sugary candy.


Control portions

How much sugar is okay? The American Heart Association recommends no more than 5 teaspoons a day for women, 9 for men, and 3 for children. You can usually continue enjoying the foods you love if you practice moderation.


Eliminate sugar

Then again, congratulations if you have the willpower to live sugar-free. Advocates say it’s easier if you can make it through the first 2 or 3 days.

doctor discussing sugar intake.


See your doctor

While sugar hangovers are usually relatively harmless, talk with your doctor if you have more serious concerns. Your health care team can help with individual needs like detecting pre-diabetes or losing weight safely.


Keep candy hangovers under control. Cutting down on sugar will help you to manage your weight, think clearly, and feel more energetic.