Let's Get Answers To Your Hormone

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Dr Ellis - naturopath specializing in hormones

Are you experiencing heavy periods, terrible cramps, acne, etc?


Despite what doctors have told you, these symptoms are not normal. Aunt Flo should not be miserable.


But to be able to take a look at those periods and find out what's going on with you we have to take a look at those hormones.

hormone testing with no needles
So. What Is This?


I have the perfect test for you!


  • It requires no blood drawn
  • Shipped directly to your doorstep
easy hormone test for imbalances
Hmm. Okay Then What?


  • All we need is a little bit of spit
  • You'll collect it in a tube
  • Then, you'll send it back and wait for your results!
balance hormones at home

This will help you determine what is up with your hormones and how we can fix it!


It will even give you some dietary and supplementary suggestions based on your individual results.


Learn more about the package that's right for you.

Option 1:
The I've Got This Myself

tropical leaves

This is essentially our Basic package.


You get the kit and you read the results at home yourself.


If you were just curious about your hormone levels, this is a great place to start!



Option 2:
The Let's Tackle This Together

blue sky

This is essentially our Premium package.


You get the kit and you get a 30 minute call with Dr. Ellis to go through your results.


This gives you an opportunity to talk about a specific plan, answer any questions, etc.


we recommend this option for women looking to find solutions and get help with traumatic periods.


I want you to look at this like a doctors appointment from the comfort of your home.