thinking habits

Changing Your Thinking Habits For Pain Management

Day or night, there are some psychological approaches that can make pain easier to live with. Adjusting your outlook could have an impact on your physical symptoms and your sleep.


Try these strategies:


Think positive

Physical pain can affect your mood and add to your stress. Try to maintain a cheerful outlook and find activities you can still enjoy. Surround yourself with supportive family and friends.


Breathe deeply

Taking full breaths is an easy way to relax your body. Lie on your back to help you inhale from your abdomen rather than your chest. Extend your exhalations. Do breathing exercises a few times a day.


Shift your attention

Use distractions to take your mind off your arthritis or sciatica. Watch funny movies or visit an aquarium.


woman sitting on floor stretching
Breathing exercises


Zoom in

On the other hand, you might need to focus on the body parts that bother you. Imagine breathing warm and healing light into them.


Honor your limits

Do you toss and turn at night because you tried to do too much during the day? Set realistic expectations and treat yourself with compassion.