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Pros & Cons of Probiotic Supplements

Update on Probiotic Safety 👇


Most people assume that if something is “natural” then it’s safe. 


We recommend a lot of natural products and supplements to our patients—but only with specific intention and caution because here’s the thing: 


Even natural products can be dangerous if:


X   Taken by the wrong person

X   Taken for the wrong reason

X   Mixed with medications that interact

X   Contaminated with potential toxins


To give you an example, The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) just released an update on probiotic safety, saying:


✅ Probiotics should be used with extra caution in newborns, pregnancy, short-bowel syndrome, and people who are immunocompromised. 

✅ Probiotic supplements should be tested for purity, potency, and potential contaminants. 


We believe that if a natural product has the potential to do good (as in—to actually improve a person’s health) then it also has the potential to do harm. We can’t have one without the other!


One thing we do to keep our clients safe is to recommend products that meet the highest quality standards, such as using the most effective ingredients and third-party testing for purity. 


Let’s respect natural products for the powerful therapeutics they are. 


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