chicken, egg and meat alternatives

A Review Of Meat Alternatives

Would you eat lab-grown meat?


The USDA just approved 2 companies to sell “chicken” that’s cultivated in a lab rather than coming from a live animal. 


The companies (GOOD Meat and UPSIDE Foods) begin with stem cells taken from chickens and then grow them with nutrients in a bioreactor. These companies officially call it “cell-cultured” chicken. 


Sound tasty?


You may have heard talking points in the news that this product is nutritionally equivalent to real chicken or that it will leave a smaller carbon footprint. But I think it raises more questions than answers. Like…


❓ Does it actually provide the same nutrients as real meat?


❓ Will it be digested in the same way or cause digestive problems?


❓ Is there any chance it could trigger food reactions or allergies?


Lab-grown chicken will be sold in restaurants first—beginning in San Francisco and Washington, DC. 


Will you be first in line?